Victoria Engel: Authentic search, commitment, and above all, passion were the keys to my artistic and personal development.
We are happy to welcome our next guest, Victoria Engel!

Victoria Engel, has established herself as a leading exponent of local techno in Argentina. With over 15 years of experience exploring and collecting new music, she has become one of the most valued and beloved DJs of the genre in South America.
Based in Buenos Aires, Engel has a versatile music taste and a sensitivity to read the crowd response, which allows her to connect with her audience and transmit a unique energy and
atmosphere in her sets.

We talked to Victoria about her artist project, upcoming gigs and more. Check it out!
Can you tell us more about your career as a DJ, especially your residence at Crobar, of Buenos Aires’s leading clubs? What do you think. Did it set you apart and contribute to your success there?
victoria engel:
In 2008 I began to become interested in the world of mixing, working in a huge club in Buenos Aires, I was hypnotized watching how the DJ mixed and musically carried the night forward. My first mixes were in that mythical place. At that time I attended electronic music parties, that's how I began to learn about different styles.

At the same time, I was part of a band as a vocalist, which led me to study musical production, when I began to produce my first tracks I noticed that the focus had leaned towards electronics and in a short time I was already immersed in sending and editing my material on different labels.

Thus it was that in 2012 the proposal of the Argentine agency “Unique Community” arrived, offering openings with international artists in the renowned Buenos Aires club “Crobar Club”.

Authentic search, commitment, and, above all, passion were the keys to my artistic and personal development.
With more than 15 years of experience and a wide range of actions in South America and Europe, which concert or festival stands out as the most memorable for you and why?
victoria engel:
I couldn't highlight just one presentation. Some of the most distinguished were:
There are 3 presentations that I would like to highlight since they represent different scenarios and moments.

“Boiler Room” at Crobar Club, for having been invited to be part of one of the most prominent and prestigious global events of the moment.

My first “7hs set” at Underclub, a temple of techno in Buenos Aires.
The proposal came at the exact moment, it was really very special. Being able to capture all my facets in one night and tell my story ended up marking a before and after.

Rock in Rio in Brazil, not much more needs to be said. Representing my country in one of the most prestigious festivals in the world, an unforgettable experience.
It's impressive that you got your first Parisian vinyl release on RE Records in 2017. Could you share your experience and the label and how important that milestone has been to your career?
victoria engel:
Releasing on vinyl was something I had always looked for. It was a key event since I had been following the label for a long time, its concept totally identified me. The tracks that make up the album emerged from a creative streak; the main idea was made the same day.

It was very gratifying to see the work captured on a 12-inch.
Running your own label, 444 SERIES, is quite an achievement. What motivated you to start your label? Can you tell us about the type of music that you intend to promote through it?
victoria engel:
I grew up in a family of plastic artists where sensitivity and expression were very present from the beginning. I always imagined a way to bring together all the factors that aroused my curiosity...Being able to interpret several stories in a single project.
This is how “444 SERIES” emerged as a dissemination platform, record label… I seek to disseminate the personal style of each artist, giving a space to new talents and including part of my story in each of the releases.

Your latest release, 'Fluctuating Consciousness,' came out in 2022. What can you tell us about the inspiration and creative process behind this particular project?

I composed that album inspired by the beginnings, talking about my first influences, I wanted that to be the first impression, the beginning of this new label.
I was returning from Berlin, to base in Buenos Aires, and when I was back in the studio I felt the need to transmit something of everything I had learned on that trip. This is how “2012” and “Fluctuating consciousness” emerged.
Supporting Ben Klock for a show in Mendoza on the 24th of November is an exciting opportunity. What can the audience expect from your set?
victoria engel:
If I have to talk about one of my great influences, it would be Ben. I have had the opportunity to listen to him on several occasions and I would be lying when I say that I do not identify with his style. We have also played in Buenos Aires a few years ago.
If your DJ name were to suddenly change to something completely unexpected, what name would you choose and why?
victoria engel:
If it is something that describes me, this will be DJ Hyper! Once I get into the mood I'm a little unstoppable. WATCH OUT 😆
Thank you for chatting with us! Is there anything else you'd like to share with everyone?
victoria engel:
It was an absolute pleasure to do this interview. I'm really looking forward to coming and touring Europe in the near future.

Editor: Olly Kuskova

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