One thing I’ve always tried to do is help and push homegrown talent. Without this there won’t be a next generation.
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Scotland’s young shining, techno talent is pioneering the latest generation of clubbing fanatics. His uniquely raw, energetic sound has led to international recognition, intense touring and seminal releases on world renowned labels such as EXHALE. is no stranger to big projects having shared decks with the likes of Dax J, Amelie Lens, Floorplan, Speedy J, SHDW & Obscure Shape to name a few. At just 26 years old he's fast becoming one of the UK’s most sought after artist’s and in the mantra of his very own CONCEPT .... “The Journey Continues”.

We talked to about his new EP "Sacrifices For Success", industry insights and other projects. Find out more below!
Hello! Nice to be chatting with you! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your new EP "Sacrifices For Success" and the journey of sound it represents through your career?
So nice to chat! So, ‘Sacrifices For Success’ was the first track I wrote in 2023, I was feeling a little lost with the full scene to be honest. There was very little focus on the artistic side, so much fast changes in musical styles, everyone desperately pushing for fast hype & growth, and at this point hardstyle is getting mixed up with techno, hard groove is making a comeback which is great, but also a little bit too saturated in the market – and that’s when I started thinking back to a lot of 90’s inspiration.

I was happy with the old school drum groove I had going on in the track, it was hard hitting and powerful but not too much on the hard techno side. I started playing around with some Roland pads, and very quickly I got onto this emotional pad and started bending some of the notes to make them sound more emotional. After a bit more automation, bang I had the track ‘Sacrifices For Success’. The title was mainly to do with sticking to whatever your feel is coming from your soul & your own sound and not from a recent trend.

Could you elaborate on the significance of choosing vinyl as the format for the first release of "Sacrifices For Success"? What does vinyl represent to you as an artist, and how does it enhance the storytelling aspect of this EP?
I think it’s important because it shows more of an artistic vision. Also, when people buy a physical copy, they are so much more invested in the music. You pay more attention to the B sides, and I think you appreciate the story more. I was able to put a lot more creativity in this release, I’ve been using the colour blue a lot more to highlight the euphoric sounds I’ve been featuring in my music.
From your early days playing for professional football to now launching your own label, Parallel Visions, how has your background influenced your musical journey?
In a weird way I think football did actually influence my full career as it gave me a drive and a hunger. Even when I was a young kid I can remember all my family and friends always talking about my football, which gives you a bit of pride to carry, and when I get really into something it becomes a bit obsessive. I have really bad ADHD, I struggle to read books, watch videos etc but when it comes to making music I just completely zone into my own world.

What led you to start your own event series, and what can attendees expect from the Parallel Visions events at Sub Club, Glasgow?
This was purely to have control over the nights. I wanted to bring a lot of DJ’s over to Scotland, and then became really interested in sound & light designs. Sub Club is the perfect basement club for a proper clubbing experience, so it’s been great to have a residency here. We only plan to do 2 Parallel Visions show a year in Subby, but we have our residency in Ibiza this summer and it’s safe to say the standard of artists is extremely high for such an intimate show.

Your residency at Sub Club, Glasgow, is well-established. How do you plan to integrate Scottish homegrown talent into the lineup, and what do you hope to achieve with this initiative?
One thing I’ve always tried to do is help and push homegrown talent. Without this there won’t be a next generation, and slowly but surely there might not be a techno scene if the full focus goes to commercial hype then literally everything will just become EDM until that bubble bursts. At my festival we’ve dedicated a full stage and focus on INTR0 which is an introduction towards new talent. We give away 9 slots here, and then pick a select few to play in Sub Club which is of course a dream show for any upcoming artist.
Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future of your career, both as a performer and as a label owner?
I guess I have so many, as an artist I’m looking to take my sound to the next level, I’m also looking to tick of new countries and bucket list shows. Next year I would like to push my sound onto more bigger festivals which has been hard in the last two years as it my sound is never trending which I’m also completely fine about it can just be more challenging on growth. For the label I plan to put out 4-5 records a year, showcasing new talent, my own material and ofcourse some of my favourite artists.
If your life was a movie, what genre would it be, and who would you cast to play you in the lead role?
Erm, good question! I guess this could change daily as my life can be a bit crazy! I would say a rock and roll party lifestyle film, starred by Leonardo DiCaprio since why would you not want him to play the role, he’s the coolest ha-ha!

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