Victor Calderone and Avision relaunch the successful NY based imprint MATTER+

"Collaborating on music has been a longstanding goal of ours. We waited for the right time and the right sound"....
With a career spanning over two decades, Victor Calderone has left an indelible mark on the industry. Recognized as both an influential talent and the visionary behind the esteemed MATTER+ Recordings, Victor has captivated millions of fans worldwide.

Now, in an impressive revival slated for May, Victor Calderone is breathing new life into his cherished label. And he's not doing it alone. Joining forces with his cousin and fellow industry titan, Avision, the duo is set to launch an electrifying collaborative EP titled 'Chemical.'

Stepping back into the fore five years after the last MATTER+ release, Avision picks up where he left off, teaming up with Victor to curate the label’s future releases and help steer the brand.
In the first instance, he’s on hand to deliver an undeniably head-turning body of work alongside Victor that will undoubtedly put the label well and truly back on the map as a pioneering Techno imprint.

Mark your calendars for two momentous MATTER+ events. The grand launch takes place on June 1st at Public Records in Brooklyn, followed by a stellar performance at Stereo Montreal on June 24th.

"Collaborating on music has been a longstanding goal of ours. We waited for the right time and the right sound. Finally, we believe we've created something timeless and relatable, bridging the gap between the new and old club generations. We're thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of musical collaboration," shares Anthony.

Victor adds, "The timing couldn't be more perfect for the relaunch of MATTER. Avision and I have always been in sync musically, and we're ready to embark on this exciting new chapter for the label."

‘Chemical’ is what you would expect from two of Techno’s most respected and established names, flooding the release with a plethora of experienced club-focused energy and ultimately danceable production. The release is ushered in beautifully with an intro mix of the title track - set for a single teaser release on the 12th of May - serving your first taste of a long-awaited reintroduction to the world of MATTER+ packed to the brim with tight drum grooves, sizzling hat sequences, sultry vocal runs and captivating musicality. This is swiftly followed with a DJ-friendly main mix of the track, packing an equally potent punch from start to finish.

‘Anomaly’ is next out of the gate, leaping forwards with driving rhythms and corrosive
textures. An explicitly electro-laced heater with a thumping two-step cadence from the outset, its swirling arrangement of modular grittiness and glitchy synths weave a hypnotically marauding energy that keeps you firmly in its grasp for the duration with ease.

‘The Choice’ rounds off the release in stunning fashion as Calderone and Avision turn in their final dose of face-twisting underground goodness. Taking it back to the funkier side of old-school US House-inspired Techno, there’s no denying this statement piece is the perfect closer to a long-awaited return to the limelight for Victor and his MATTER+ imprint.

Editor: Anastasiia Ryzhova

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