IZREAL Releases Debut EP ‘현진(HYEONJIN)’
The EP presents a contemporary and emotive techno experience, giving listeners a genuine insight into IZREAL's perspective as an artist....
IZREAL, a dynamic and exciting talent hailing from South Korea's thriving underground circuit, is setting the music world ablaze with her breakneck rise to success. Having already graced the stages of prestigious events like the Resistance Stage of Ultra Music Festival (Bali and Korea), Bangkok Songkran, and Seoul's World DJ Festival, IZREAL is now ready to present her eagerly awaited debut extended player, '현진 (HYEONJIN),' released via CONECTD MIX. The four-track EP showcases her mastery of refined techno and offers fans a glimpse into her artistic journey.

Known for her thoughtful approach to music production, IZREAL imbues each track in her inaugural collection with a captivating narrative of introspection and personal growth, inviting audiences into her realm through the medium of sound. '현진 (HYEONJIN)' serves as a reflection of IZREAL's own path to becoming an artist, showcasing the strength and determination she found to break free from the restraints and doubts in entering the competitive music industry. The EP presents a contemporary and emotive techno experience, giving listeners a genuine insight into IZREAL's perspective as an artist, which is sure to resonate with a diverse international fan base.

The EP commences with the never-before-heard track, 'In Motion,' which features cosmic synth-work, celestial soundscapes, and powerful percussive elements. Demonstrating her versatility, IZREAL incorporates pop-leaning vocals, infusing the song with warmth and relatability. 'Rainy Day,' the EP's second track, made its official debut in October 2022, serving as a powerful introduction to the South Korean artist's discography. With its mammoth techno sound and emotive breaks, this peak-time gem exemplifies IZREAL's flair for creating grand apex moments.

Next up is 'Work On Yourself,' a rave-ready composition boasting synth riffs, acid influences, and gritty vocal chops. Released in March, this hit showcases IZREAL's impeccable take on modern techno, designed to captivate both dark, intimate nightclubs and massive festival mainstages. Finally, the EP concludes with 'Journey Into Now,' a trance-infused masterpiece built on dynamic percussion and an alluring trance-inspired synth riff, solidifying IZREAL's signature sound as an artist.

Driven by a fearless ambition to reach audiences far beyond the local music scene, IZREAL's debut EP is a bold proclamation that she is destined to become one of the top underground artists in the world. Her aptly named '현진 (HYEONJIN)' EP serves as an exciting opening chapter in her back-catalogue, spotlighting her unique, all-encompassing sound palette. Leading the charge for the next generation of South Korean techno stars, IZREAL's new opus marks only the beginning of her undoubtedly long and successful career.

Editor: Olly Kuskova

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