HEVI LEVI Unveils the Enigmatic "Secret Ingredients"

HEVI LEVI's "Secret Ingredients" compilation is a testament to his boundless talent, innovation, and commitment to delivering unparalleled musical experiences...
Israeli DJ and producer extraordinaire, HEVI LEVI, continues to shine in 2023 with a series of remarkable achievements. After the highly acclaimed release of his single "Mad World" in January and the captivating "Moon EP" in March, this Tel Aviv-based talent now plunges deep into the uncharted realms of his music library. Presenting a compilation of ten hidden gems available for free download, "Secret Ingredients" is a treasure trove of HEVI LEVI originals, remixes, and collaborations, both released and unreleased, and will be accessible starting from May 5th.

HEVI LEVI's passion for the dancefloor shines through in his meticulously curated selection of tracks. With an unwavering commitment to the scene, he has skillfully woven together a collection of records that have become the backbone of his radio mixes and electrifying DJ sets during his tours. Demonstrating his versatility as a producer, HEVI LEVI fearlessly takes on mainstream favorites such as Florence + The Machine's "You've Got The Love" and Example's "Changed The Way You Kiss Me," effortlessly infusing them with his signature techno-inspired sound.

The robust "Secret Ingredients" compilation features not only the extended version of his philanthropic single "Mad World," but also pays homage to The Cranberries with his original cut, "Cranberries Love." In addition to these originals, HEVI LEVI's compilation embraces collaborations with long-time friends and trusted partners. Tracks such as "Submarine" with Lian Gold and "Losing Control" with Dean Miroshnikov, both significant releases from his 2020 catalog, make a triumphant return, rekindling their connection with the dance music community.

The globally adored "No Spoon" in collaboration with MORESO, a stunning reimagining of the 90s classic by Jam & Spoon, made its official debut in 2022. Joining it is the mesmerizing "Ten Elephants," a progressive house gem sampling Ten Walls' legendary "Walking with Elephants," created in collaboration with ASHER SWISSA. Both of these tracks from 2022 are now reintroduced to the world through this fresh and enticing free download collection.

HEVI LEVI concludes this extraordinary anthology with two exclusive creations that will leave listeners in awe. Taking the beloved track "Ease My Mind" by Niki & The Dove, the visionary head of Joy Records immerses us in a profound sonic experience, unveiling a captivating deep tech rendition that transcends boundaries and sets the stage for nocturnal indulgence. Additionally, HEVI LEVI introduces a groundbreaking collaboration with Joy Records mainstay Marcovits, titled "In Search For Silence." This melodic masterpiece bewitches with its enchanting synthesis of celestial vocals and ethereal synths, offering an abundance of intrigue and a truly original sound that leaves a lasting impression.

HEVI LEVI's "Secret Ingredients" compilation is a testament to his boundless talent, innovation, and commitment to delivering unparalleled musical experiences. Prepare to be captivated as these hidden gems transport you on a sonic journey like no other.

Editor: Olly Kuskova

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