Belgian producer Fenrick, debuts On Farrago’s Vermillion Trax

The Brussels-based Frenchman follows a series of emphatic label singles and self-releases with a hard-hitting body of work on Vermilion Trax.

Rising French Techno talent Fenrick is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most exciting acts, owing to a slew of captivating releases on the likes of Taapion, NineTimesNine, No Mercy Techno and a never-ending schedule of high-energy club performances. Returning to the fore with another high-quality offering, Fenrick’s distinct style and flow play firmly into a quad of pounding dancefloor-focused cuts, leading you to the dancefloor through roughened, racy grooves and blistering basslines.

In the first of four Psy-tinged peak-time cuts, ‘Return To The Source’ sees Fenrick employ hardened drums, riveting bass tones and a pilling sea of tonal percussive elements brought together by subtle atmospheric pads, glitchy samples and ominous arps. ‘Always Need U’ brings a attitude, a vocal-led stomper with harrowing harmonies and shrieking sonics - subtly tipping the hat to some of Fenrick’s historical breakbeat influence in places.

‘Not Ready 4 U’ blends an impressive display of whimsical musicality with hardened, racy, club-ready Techno flavours. Combining dreamlike bell synths with relentlessly firm beats and a sawing bassline, He manages to carve another unique piece before rounding off the EP with ‘Glitch Tool’. Rifling grooves and bounding low-end pulse pumps through the core of the mix, orbited by glitchy vox loops, subtle tonal injections, and additional layers of movement - all cleverly pulled through a kaleidoscope of different beat structures for a hair-raising finish to the release.

Editor: Olly Kuskova

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