EXHALE Records is back with a mammoth 15-track compilation featuring 17 producers
Amelie Lens' record label, Exhale Records, has released a massive compilation album consisting of 15 tracks created by 17 different producers.
Amelie Lens' innovative label EXHALE has launched its fourth compilation, featuring a group of outstanding techno producers who are new to the label. EXHALE, both the label and the party series, has experienced tremendous growth in recent years by showcasing only the most promising emerging talents and groundbreaking producers.

The compilation starts off with AIROD's 'Nemesis', a high-energy track with powerful drum beats, fast-paced claps, and haunting synths. The breakdown in the middle of the track adds even more intensity to the already dark atmosphere. Joey Risdon's 'LSD Reaction' follows, featuring a gritty and fast-paced techno sound with industrial elements. Vizionn's 'Future Energy' takes us on a journey through a futuristic world with robotic vocals and high-energy keys. 'Looking Glass' by Tigerhead is a celestial and booming track with a rolling beat that maintains the energetic pace, while The Blackmailer pays homage to rap royalty with 'The Queen Has Arrived', a twisted techno hit that features a sinister and electrifying riff.

Farrago, a resident of Exhale, collaborates with Part Time Killer on 'The Keymaster', a compelling and forceful track with electrifying sounds and a mesmerizing sample. The collaboration between Rudosa & Blicz produces 'Split Your Love', a beautifully crafted composition with a sharp and euphoric melody that shifts the pace of the album. ACOR follows with 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat', a high-energy track that is perfect for the peak time in a warehouse party, with the title urging the listeners to keep up with the rhythm. Flour's 'Invasion' starts with a serene choir before evolving into a lively weapon with racing synths. Caravel keeps the momentum going with 'Echoes Of You', a frenzied track with a combination of kick and hi-hat that is filled with yearning cries throughout.

The B-side of the album features DLV's 'Der Pakt', a powerful and ominous track with an infectious synth-line that is perfect for peak-time moments on the dance floor. The track has already generated excitement on the dance floor after being featured in DLV's Boiler Room Set. Nineted's 'Euphoric Expression' starts off with arcade-like melodies before introducing twinkling keys and a ferocious kick drum. Carla Schmitt's 'Red Ambition' follows with mischievous energy, combining fiendish and growling elements over booming bass and a rhythmic kick. Chemtrailz takes us on a trancey expedition with 'The Future Is Matriarchy', featuring enticing vocals and high-pitched strikes. The album concludes with WarinD's 'Techno Memories', a grooving track with a deep and dark techno synth that oscillates throughout.

Editor: Anastasia Ryzhova

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