ARGY & Omnya Release Official Remix

of Monolink ‘Laura'

"Laura," one of the twelve vocal-led masterpieces from the record...
Step into the world of Monolink as he unveils an intriguing chapter of his 2021 hit album, Under Darkening Skies. This time, the spotlight falls on the opening track "Laura," receiving a stunning remix from underground circuit's authentic voices – ARGY and Omnya. The dynamic remix is now available for your auditory pleasure, brought to you by the esteemed Berlin-based imprint, Embassy One

"Laura," one of the twelve vocal-led masterpieces from the record, set the emotional tone for the thought-provoking journey that is Under Darkening Skies. With Monolink's own soulful vocals, the indie-dance track and its subsequent variations showcased an avant-garde spirit that marked the album as his boldest and most intricate work to date.

In a seamless blend of talent, ARGY and Omnya take Monolink's refined and cinematic original and guide it into a realm of dark melodic techno. The result is a sonic landscape perfect for late-night listening. With resonant percussion and reflective pauses, the duo crafts an anthemic gem that's both dance-inducing and meditative. The remix pays homage to the original's essence while weaving its own narrative, showcasing ARGY and Omnya's mastery in reimagining music and introducing "Laura" to new audiences.

Editor: Olly Kuskova

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